The Destination

1. Culture Vultures


A Culture Vulture trip is meant for a hungry traveler, one who wants more from a travel experiences and wants to explore what's not obvious to ordinary tourists who will see what is shown to them.

2. Shopoholics


 Holidays are filled with magical memories that many would love to savor long after they have left. Shopping traveler’s want the best of both worlds, with the beauty and adventure that comes with travelling to the world’s most remote destinations, and the bonus of being spoilt for choice, with the many shopping experiences each destination has to offer.

3. Romantics


Thinking about heading off on a romantic getaway with your significant other? Maybe you want to relax on a beach together with a cocktail in hand, or maybe you're looking for an adventurous destination that will bring you closer together. Nature lovers will enjoy a trip to the Galapagos Islands, where they can spot flamingos, tortoises, whale sharks, and more; foodie couples will love eating and drinking their way through Tuscany. Whatever your travel style, we have a trip for you.